Online trust is essential

We care for your online reputation

Online trust is essential

We care for your online reputation

Online Reputation Management – We maintain trust!

Building credibility as a brand is very important to ensure that the audience places their trust in you. Our Online Reputation Management (ORM) services are designed to safeguard and enhance your brand's reputation in the digital world.

ORM is the proactive process of monitoring and improving your brand's online image. In an era where opinions travel at the speed of the internet, ORM becomes crucial in shaping how your brand is perceived.

Stay connected with your audience with MFunL ORM services

We believe that ORM matters a lot. In today's digital age, anyone can voice opinions about your brand, be it positive or negative. With online reviews influencing 93% of consumer purchasing decisions and a company's online reputation accounting for 25% of its market value, protecting your brand's image is paramount.

As one of the best Online Reputation Management Companies in Kolkata, MFunL, earlier Digital Googly, understands the dynamics of the digital landscape. We've seen how a stable audience connection can impact a brand's reputation and we're here to ensure yours stays positive.

ORM Solutions That We Offer

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Reputation Analysis

We begin by assessing your brand's reputation, market position and potential threats. In case of an attack, we investigate and strategize.

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Online Branding

We optimize your brand's image across search engines, social media and online channels, ensuring a strong and credible online presence.

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Strategy Development

Our experts go beyond countering negativity; we craft unique strategies to build positive online resources, boosting your brand's visibility.

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Online Reputation Monitoring

Constant vigilance is key. We monitor online conversations about your brand, notifying you of issues and assisting in responses when necessary.

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Monthly Reports

Transparency matters to us. Our detailed reports allow you to monitor the progress of our campaigns, validating the effectiveness of our services.

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Strategy Implementation

We employ aggressive SEO, optimize press releases and post positive reviews to promote positive content. Social media reviews are addressed promptly.

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Why Choose MFunL for ORM?

Client-Centric Approach: We tailor our strategies to your industry, providing customized digital solutions.
Cost-Effective Solutions: We are committed to delivering high ROI with cost-effective solutions.
Experienced Professionals: Our skilled team brings years of experience to every campaign.
Satisfied Customers: Hundreds have benefited from our successful campaigns over the years.
Stay Updated: Following the latest trends and methods ensures optimal results.
Transparency: Regular and transparent reporting builds and maintains our clients' trust.