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Email Marketing

Email marketing is a style of marketing that uses emails to convey fundraising or commercial messages to the audience. Every single mail sent to current or probable customers could be considered as email marketing. Email marketing is an unreal way to gain more customers and it also adds a personal touch. Emails can also be custom-styled to customers tastes so that every communication becomes apt to their interests.

Top Email Marketing Service in Kolkata India

Benefits of Email Marketing

Emails are very useful for marketers to stay tied with their customers in a pocket-friendly way. MFunl, one of the top email marketing service providers in Kolkata, can help you unlock the full potential of email marketing. Let’s take a glance at how Email marketing can further spruce up your business.

Top Email Marketing Service in Kolkata India

Why Choose Us?

We make specific target audiences our bull’s eye through Emailers for the best possible pay-off.
We are up to snuff in email marketing campaigns, interest-based email targeting, data analysis and more.
We have a team of dedicated email marketing experts who convert innovative ideas into reality

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Email marketing involves sending targeted and personalised emails to subscribers to promote products, services, or content. It's crucial for businesses as it allows direct communication with potential and existing customers, nurturing leads, driving conversions, and fostering long-term relationships.

MFunL develops tailored email marketing strategies focused on engaging your audience, delivering valuable content, and driving conversions. We specialise in email list segmentation, personalised email automation, compelling copywriting, and performance tracking to optimise campaign effectiveness and ROI.

We offer a variety of email campaigns tailored to your business objectives, including promotional campaigns, welcome series, abandoned cart recovery emails, newsletters, and re-engagement campaigns. Our goal is to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time to drive engagement and conversions.

Absolutely, we assist with email list building through various methods like lead magnets, opt-in forms, and strategic partnerships. Additionally, we provide ongoing list management services, including segmentation, hygiene, and GDPR compliance, to ensure optimal deliverability and engagement.

Email marketing can help generate revenue for your business by nurturing leads through the sales funnel, promoting products or services, driving traffic to your website or landing pages, and encouraging repeat purchases from existing customers. With targeted messaging and automation, you can increase conversions and drive revenue growth through email campaigns.