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We deliver the best user-interface experience to your Clients.

MFunL is a reputed website design company in Kolkata, India that helps businesses to define their brands and increase their products or service demand. We understand the importance of a customer-centric and data-driven approach and we do it by incorporating all Google-recommended features.

Make your Prospects go "Wow" with our Web Design.

We design your websites not only to look aesthetically pleasing but to be responsive and functional for your customers to navigate through. Our experts will optimize your website content and improve your website content as per Google parameters to drive qualified traffic to your website and enhance your Google ranking.

Website Design Company In Kolkata India
WordPress Design

We Provide a range of custom WordPress website design and development services to enhance your digital presence.

Website Design Company In Kolkata India
Responsive Design

Our responsive web design ensures that your website automatically scales its elements and contents.

Best Website Design Agency
UI/UX Rich Design

We provide UI/UX design and development services to make your website interface responsive.

Professional & Innovative Tools For Your Business

Our experts use Content Management System (CRM) to manage the content of your website. We guarantee to take all measures, including plagiarism-free and easy-to-understand content to enhance your position in the Google result pages. That’s why we optimize the content as per Google's recommendations to drive qualified traffic and leads to your website. We not only design your website to be aesthetically pleasing, but we also talk to your customers through it the way you want to.

Best Website Design Agency
Understand Clients' Vision

We listen to clients' requirements comprehensively and patiently to move in the right direction.

Website Design Company In Kolkata India
Planning and Conceptualization

We use a proven plan to make your website development process organized. We understand the importance of achieving goals and creating an ideal experience for end-users as well.

Best Website Design Agency
Design and Develop

After making the design, we send it to the client to get feedback. We keep looking for creative touches until they are satisfied with our work. The approved design is finalized.

Best Website Design Agency

We test the website on multiple devices and use advanced tools to ensure it is responsive, user-friendly and error-free. If any errors are noticed, we make the necessary changes so that the quality of the project stays intact.

Website Design Company In Kolkata, India

Why Choose Us?

Whether you run a start-up or a huge enterprise, choosing us would be a great option to create Google and Mobile friendly (SEO-friendly) and engaging website. We provide:

A dynamic and proven approach
Search engine (Google) optimized websites
Tailored web solutions
Strong clientele base
Professional world-class support
Crystal clear development process

Our Projects

We are not just pixels on your screen; we are minds, hearts and souls raised with creativity. Alive and breathing at every inch! These are some of the well-known project categories that we have worked on.